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Welcome to TropicMC

All purchases made on TropicMC are final and non-refundable, so please consider your purchase carefully before proceeding with payment. We reserve the right to modify, change, or discontinue any aspect of our pricing structure at any time, without prior notice, and your continued use of the server signifies your acceptance of any updated prices. All players are subject to our server rules and guidelines, and failure to adhere to these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the server, at our sole discretion, with no refunds issued for banned players. By making a purchase on TropicMC, you acknowledge and agree to this refund policy.
What payment methods are accepted? We currently accept PayPal and credit/debit cards through Stripe
How long will it take for my purchase to be activated? Most purchases are activated automatically within a few minutes after successful payment. If you experience any issues, please contact a staff member
What happens if the server shuts down or resets? In the unlikely event of a server shutdown or reset, we will make every effort to restore any affected purchases. However, we cannot guarantee the restoration of all items or ranks. We recommend keeping a record of your purchase details for future reference.